(Islamic Association of Allen’s Multi-Purpose Hall and Gym)

Welcome to the IAA Center! We are excited to launch our brand new and state-of-the-art IAA Center now available to our community members for group sports [badminton and basketball & volleyball] through a simple reservation process. As a member of the community, you have a responsibility to understand and abide by these procedural guidelines and other rulings.

HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION: 1. Please read and understand “IAA Center Usage Guidelines & Safety Rules”. Each participant must abide by and follow-on regulations listed on the “IAA Center Usage Guidelines & Safety Rules”. 2. Please print and sign the “consent” document provided link below prior to attending. 3. Choose “Brothers Booking” or “Sisters Booking” and follow prompts.

IAA Center- Facility Usage Guidelines and Safety Rules

IAA Center-Facility Usage Consent Form (Print & Sign prior to attending)

Thank you for your cooperation and abiding by all protocols set forth for everyone’s safety and best experience at the IAA Center!

-IAA Boards

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